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Book keeping &


The following are the book keeping services that we offer under this division

Maintaining books of account

  • Maintaining pay roll

  • Maintaining fixed asset register

  • Providing timely management information



For accounting services to its clients, the firm;


a)  Prepares financial and related information to enable our client’s meet their internal

     needs and external obligations.


This is achieved through:-

  • Collection and processing of financial and related information to ensure that the client’s internal needs and external obligations are addressed.

  • Analysis and appraisal of the financial and related information

  • Production of financial and other statements and accounts and giving timely and instructive information to our clients concerning any adverse implications of the financial position as reflected in the financial statements.


b) Develops and implements financial and related information systems for our clients.


  • Our clients are advised on the nature and purpose of financial and management statements/ accounts and explained in a manner that would go a long way to stress the importance of proper financial and related information systems.

  • Through a careful evaluation of potentially suitable systems, we determine appropriate financial and related information systems, which are consistent with our client’s needs/requirements.

  • We are able to design and develop financial and related information systems for our clients that incorporate adequate internal controls and suitable mechanisms to reveal and rectify problem areas.

  • The firm undertakes the implementation, monitoring, maintenance and modification of the clients’ financial and related information systems if agreed with our clients so as to maintain or improve systems performance.


c)    Assists and supports clients in meeting their financial regulatory obligations where clients are advised of the effect of failing to deal with their regulatory obligations.

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