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Human Resource Consulting

Our multi-disciplinary teams of human resource specialists help align human resource programs with broad business strategy. In this era of intense competition, recognition of human capital as a key asset within the organization will give an organization the edge over its competitors, enabling the organization to attract, motivate and retain the best employees.​

We find that the best approach to making the most of investment in human capital is to better align the human resource (HR) plans, programs and systems with the overall business strategy. We are not an HR outsourcing provider or an investment manager; we provide independent and objective analyses and services.


The following are the services that we offer under this division

  • Performance & reward

  • Organizational restructuring/re- engineering

  • Job evaluation

  • Salary survey

  • Pay structuring

  • Staff rationalization

  • Human resource polices and procedures

  • Executive development

  • Management audits

  • Manpower planning

  • Executive searches & recruitment

  • Designing of remunerations & benefit structures

  • Performance based reward schemes

  • Performance management system

  • Recruitment and selection

  • Organization restructuring

  • Human resource strategy

  • HR audit

  • Attitude survey

  • HR training

  • Functional analysis

  • Situation analysis

  • Skills utilization study

  • Work study/ productivity audit

  • Preparation of terms and conditions of service

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