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Training assistance to clients is expected to develop the knowledge and efficiency of client employees in their own field of operations for effective performance.  Our training is, therefore, job related and skill based.​

This involves conducting training seminars for clients based on their specific requirements. 

Within this area, we can also organise and conduct training courses.  Our courses include areas which, are specifically directed at other professionals with whom the accounting profession has a continuing relationship.  These can be organised in areas such as basic auditing and accounting, internal audit, budgeting, cost control and cash flow projections.

The division also organises and implements training courses for personnel in business and industry in the use of computers including such applications as word processing, data base management and spreadsheets etc.

In addition, we can organise and conduct courses for various levels of managers on capital budgeting, financial management and control, project identification, project appraisal, project monitoring and evaluation and corporate planning.

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