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Audit Services

Our firm's audit services are provided to a wide range of local and international clients including government agencies, donor funded organisations and bilateral and multilateral agencies.  The firm is equipped to meet all local statutory reporting requirements of its clients and is fully versed in serving client needs with regard to professional requirements.

We believe that the quality of service we provide relies heavily on the people working as a team.  In order to achieve the highest level of efficiency and quality; our audits are performed by competent independent professionals evaluating audit evidence in accordance with generally accepted standards.  Comprehensive reports on recommendations useful to management are a regular component of our audit services.  Our reports are issued on a timely basis following completion of the final audit visit.

Involvement is a key factor in our services. The partners see themselves as professional advisors committed to the total financial well being of clients rather than just as individuals engaged to perform a specific service. Personalised partner attention is built into our service.

The following are the services that we offer under this division


  • Statutory audits

  • Performance audits

  • Programme audits

  • Special audits

  • Value for money audits

  • Internal audits

  • Information technology audits

  • Operation audits

Audit Services

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